Protein Engineering

Proteins are the most advanced nanotechnology we know of. At Adaptyv Bio we’re building a next-gen protein foundry to allow you to synthesize and test any protein you design.
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Imagine If We Could...

design smart medicines that repair any damage occurring in our bodies before it turns into a disease

create new molecular machines to fulfil complex functions like catalysis, energy generation or computation

produce valuable new materials from basic organic inputs, without toxic byproducts and recycle them easily

Proteins Are Nature's Nanomachines

Let's Unlock The Power Of AI To Design New Ones

The space of possible protein designs is incredibly large and complex. Both natural evolution and humans to date have explored but a tiny sliver of it. Using AI we can finally venture out and design new proteins that will be at the core of revolutionizing technologies across medicine, manufacturing, computation and power generation.

Closing The Loop

With generative AI you can create novel protein designs for your application, whether that's an antibody, an enzyme or something completely new.



Using the power of cell-free synthetic biology we streamline protein expression, enabling the synthesis of thousands of designed proteins on demand.

This data provides feedback and augments the AI models at each round in order to optimize the functional profile of the next set of protein designs.



Our automated workcells can profile the protein designs for any range of functions and interactions to generate high-quality experimental data

The AI-First Lab For Protein Design

Making Engineering Proteins As Easy As Using An API

Our foundry is being built from the ground up to integrate with AI at every step of the protein engineering cycle - from designing sequences, to planning experimental protocols, to running those experiments autonomously and tracking all data and metadata. This is how biology should be done and we're making it happen.